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Any mold or piece of equipment requires periodical maintenance, otherwise it might cause faulty production or specific parts of equipment may collapse over of time.

Our company performs a wide range of services regarding the maintenance of molds and different equipment, including:

  • Regular inspections of the mold and its equipment;
  • Cleaning and lubrication of the parts;
  • Replacement of standard worn-out parts;
  • Other works that will keep your equipment in the best working state.
Periods of scheduled(preventive) maintenance are defined depending on the operating period of the mold, quantity of the units produced by this equipment and other technical parameters of the particular parts. Periods of maintenance are defined according to the requirements that aim to minimize possible losses, which means that in case of regular inspections and routine maintenance the effective use of the mold will be guaranteed for your production process.

How does the equipment maintenance procedure look like?

Before signing the contract for maintenance of molds or equipment (a contract for maintenance or a service contract) an independent list is filled-in for every piece of equipment. Such lists describe the possible scope of maintenance, the schedule of maintenance, it contains remarks about the works that will be made, and other technical remarks which will allow to trace precisely all the specifics of the work with each piece of equipment. Such approach guarantees high level of organization and accuaracy as well as quality of all the operations that will be performed.

After signing the contract for maintenance it is enough that you inform our company that it is time for the mold to undergo a maintenance or to be serviced on warranty. Our specialist will come right away to your location and perform all the agreed procedures that are required for maintenance of a mold. After completing the inspection our specialist fills-in all the required documents and maintenance lists. In case the required procedures can not be performed on the spot due to complex technical reasons the mold will then be delivered to our enterprise for further agreed qualified maintenance.

You can be 100% sure in the quality of work that our specialists provide.

High qualification of our personnel and rich experince base is what our enterprise worked out to be its main competency and which allows to discover potential difficulties and to forsee or overcome possible failures of the equipment by a number of minor symptoms and tests.

Our specialists have taken training courses in Dutch and Finnish enterprises which concentrate their business activitiy in the field of mold-manufactuing. Therefore our employees know perfectly well the specificity of maintenance of various kinds of molds, produced by different European mold manufacturers. When dealing with Matritsa you will have no reasons to worry about the quality of any performed works. We can also assure you that after the touch of our professionals your equipment will be operating and functioning properly a considerably longer period of time.

You are welocme to ask us any questions considering the maintenance of molds andvarious equipment by calling:  +7 (812) 318-34-90. Our specialists will be happy to answer any technical questions regarding maintenance or service procedures.



+7 (812) 318-34-90




22.11.2010 Matritsa LLC is going to take part in Interplastica 2011 Exhibtion in Expocentr in Moscow

01.04.2010 "Matritsa" LLC will take part in Rosmould 2010 trade fair from 2nd-4th of June in Crocus Expo Center in Moscow, Russia.

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