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Matritsa LLC has its own production base for maintenance and repair of molds  and equipment. Matritsa uses the most modern equipment for maintenance and repair of molds, die casts, as well as stamps and various types of relevant equipment.


Our production is provided with all necessary instrumental equipment  :
  • The milling 5-axial treating center with CNC (computer numerical control);
  • Flat and circular grinding units;
  • Electro-discharching (spark erosion) drilling machine in a combination with a milling center used to manufacture electrodes and an automation system;
  • Turning machines with CNC;
  • Laser welding;
  • Profile projector;
  • Modern inspection and measurement machines;
  • Tool sharpening equipment;
  • Unit for thermal clipping of tools;
  • Two automatic molding machines with clamping forces of 300T and 650T.


Main manufacturers — Hermle, Jung, Myford, Aba, WEILER, Hexagon Metrology, OPS Ingersoll, Mitutoyo, Talmec Srl, Lawitex, Kelch, Husky.

Maintenance and repair of molds are carried out with the use of the most modern tools, machines and techniques. The wide range of various equipment allows to solve the most complicated tasks in the maintenance needed for molds and for the manufacturing of its different parts that need to be replaced. This allows to deal with molds used in many different industries such as packaging, car-assembling, electrical engineering, constructional and many other.

Software and automation of processes

Precision in the execution of all procedures related to the maintenance or repair of different molds heavily depends on the applied software as well. In our work we use CAD/CAM software for design and technological preparation of the production processes (Pro/Engineer), as well as software for production records and enterprise resource planning (SAP/Trimergo).

Matritsa has a high level of automation in its operations. It helps to provide the most important benefits to our clients and us, such as: services cost reduction, increases the accuracy and precision of our tasks, and generally reduces the operation time without any effects on the quality of work.

Our company performs the widest specter of works regarding the repair of molds, as our equipment can effectively manage the most difficult requirements. In particular we can work with relatively large molds and their parts.
Maximal dimensions, appropriate for maintenance at our plant (with indication of different possible operations), are:
  • 1500800600 mm (flat grinding);
  • 1300720630 mm (milling);
  • 550850450 mm (spark erosion); 
  • Diameter 1100 mm (turning);
  • Clamping force up to 650T (automatic molding machine);
  • Weight-bearing capacity up to 10T

These capacities are sufficient for the great majority of tasks related to maintenance and repair of molds. In case of nonstandard situations molds can be delivered in short periods of time to our partner’s plant in Finland, where the most complicated tasks can be further performed.

Our system of climate control

The temperature of 20-21 o is kept in all production, storage and auxilliary facilities by the means of an integrated system of climate-control. Constant temperature is a necessary condition for regular operations with different equipment and for the accuracy control needed while treating different types of steel.

You can ask any questions, related to maintenance of molds and other related pieces of equipment, if you call: +7 (812) 318-34-90. Our specialists will be glad to consult you on any technical matters or other technical specifics.



+7 (812) 318-34-90




22.11.2010 Matritsa LLC is going to take part in Interplastica 2011 Exhibtion in Expocentr in Moscow

01.04.2010 "Matritsa" LLC will take part in Rosmould 2010 trade fair from 2nd-4th of June in Crocus Expo Center in Moscow, Russia.

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